anniversary #2 - 2014

vw camper van, touring the JURASSIC coast - southern england

For our first anniversary, we went to New York. The year later, we thought we'd do something completely different and stay at home. I surprised Katie with a VW camper van. We used one for our wedding car (van) on our wedding day. Split screens are a particular favourite to Les, Katie's dad which is the main reason why she loves them - particularly splitties (the iconic split screen windscreen).

We stayed in some interesting places, met some really cool people and saw stunning parts of England I didn't even know existed!

I'm posting these because I've just photographed my sister's 40th birthday which included a pink VW camper. It's funny how often they keep cropping up!

Looking back, these photo's go against the grain of how I like to present photo's. These were some of the first I took using a 24-70mm lens on my first ever camera. Settings were all over the place, the editing is shocking and half of them are out of focus. It's funny to me though how, no matter how bad the production is, it's always the memories and the subject matter which jump out after seeing them again after so long. 

Having said that, interestingly, my favourite ever photo is part of this series! (The green bus against the deep blue night sky with stunning clouds!). I didn't even really give it a second thought when I actually took it. I'd probably over think how I shot it now!

They're fun to look back at.

(Spot the photo that looks wonky, where it's actually the car park that's mad!)