Mr & Mrs Bendle.

The Mere GolF Resort - 26th May 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Loz and Emma. It was only my second wedding of 2017. Over the last couple of years, I've probably ended up doing more weddings than I should have done time-wise. I absolutely love weddings because of how well you end up getting to know everyone on the day. They can be tiring by the end though!

I met Emma a few weeks before the wedding and knew straight away I'd enjoy this one... 

Everything (I mean everything!) had been completely thought through, to the finest detail! It felt like, before I'd asked any of the questions I had, Emma had already answered them! 

The weather was absolutely brilliant! Lovely and warm with bright sunshine! The original plan was for the ceremony to be indoors - but it was too nice to miss out on the opportunity of having it on the lawn. In the end, most of the day took place outdoors. Once the formalities had been taken care of indoors, everyone was quick to grab a drink and enjoy the lovely weather together! It must be said that this had absolutely nothing to do with the conditions indoors! I was overwhelmed by amazing the room, for the reception, was! The room looked unbelievable.  Emma's fine eye for detail had paid off massively - this was highlighted particularly in all of the little things... the M&M's in the morning were personalised, the wafers in the ice creams after the service were personalised, the stickers on the pick n mix bags in the evening were personalised... etc. 

Watching them throughout the day, it was obvious that they're completely comfortable with one another - like the deepest form of friendship. Meeting Emma, before the wedding, she was happy telling me how much she thought of Loz. In his speech, Loz echoed it. Nothing seems forced. I particularly enjoyed, and benefitted, from how laid back they were; but more than anything else, how genuinely friendly they were. I felt it particularly towards me, but it was really evident that they were exactly the same towards everyone who came! 

It really was a dead enjoyable day to be a part of and that was genuinely down to how sound Loz and Emma were.

Enjoy Bali!