In the past people would have written a letter? I’m already in 2020. I’m sending you a link to your webpage. (It’s disconnected from the site, so no-one else can see it).

I’ve just written a flowery 800 word piece on why I’ve made you a 90’s alternative rock playlist on Spotify, but decided to just write this instead. 

I heard a song which reminded me of you, and a particular period of life, and I thought I’d get in touch. I thought this might be a cool playlist you might enjoy? They’re not necessarily all favourites, but they’re all dead familiar. I’d suggest listening to it on shuffle.

(It’s also Volume I… it’s missing a lot. That will be featured on Vol II)

In sort, I’m gutted (and confused) we didn’t spend more time together when we worked together going to the pub after work or concerts or the pictures?! I’m gutted I didn’t stay in touch too after I left work, even probably coming close to spoiling it being a divvy on a number of occasions. 

Alternative PLAYLIST covers…


I recently saw these Larry David clips and wanted to share them but didn’t. Then I heard some 90’s rock so felt compelled to. 

I really hope you, Sean and your little girl (hoping you don’t notice I, embarrassingly, can’t remember her name!!) are all well. 

Speak soon.