April 2017

We were able to travel around gorgeous Iceland. Katie sorted it for me for my 30th birthday and I've got to say, it was the best birthday present I've had. Iceland is amazing! Scenic, atmospheric, historic...and unbelievably expensive!! 

Started early from Manchester airport... but woke up late. Formula 1 speeds to Manchester airport meant we made it on time. Bag too heavy because we're tight arses so our hand luggage doubled up as luggage bags. After binning as many S*n papers as I could find, we were ready to roll. Had to wait on the runway for a bit but it was good prep for freezing in Iceland.

Made it to Reykjavik and didn't get picked up for close to 45 mins by our car rental company. Turns out it's because they send a shuttle bus. (The bright yellow one in the second photo that you can't miss!)

Finally made it into Reykjavik and saw the Hallgrimskirkja cathedral. It's totally unique and visible from every part of the town.

From the cathedral, we went for lunch. Hadn't eaten all day so fancied something to keep us going to tea. Went to a boss little homely cafe for some soup and paninis...

The cafe was sound but we learned a hard lesson, early on. Iceland is expensive. Cheese toastie with a bowl of soup, a panini and Nutella cheesecake... £36!!! Only realised once we'd sat down or we'd have bounced straight out. Lesson learned. We learned to live on amazing fresh Icelandic water for the rest of the trip. From there, we decided to walk off lunch by visiting Harpa, Reykjavik's concert hall.

The next day we drove the Golden Circle (NE on Route 36 towards Þingvellir, Haukadalur Geysir, Gullfoss Falls, Kerið Crater Lake) in our beige 4x4. It was actually amazing. Not only was the majority of the route absolutely stunning, but the volcanic fields which line most of the route are fascinating! There's always something to capture your imagination. 

Other days, we made our way along the south end of the island visiting Selfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Þórsmerkurvegur, Skógafoss, Vik, Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

On our last day, we enjoyed the Blue Lagoon. I'd read on the internet beforehand that is wasn't a natural spa and very touristy. I was a bit reluctant to go but while we there we decided to give it a try - it'd be a nice break from long drives that did my back in. It was a boss decision!! It was absolutely brilliant and very cool!

It was one of the best trips we've done. Well in Katie!