This was a really enjoyable occasion for me, and the penultimate wedding before a long break from filming weddings. I think the whole day took me a bit by surprise and I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting to. Every aspect of the day was memorable (including dogs in the ceremony!), especially the stunning Palm House… but the thing I’ll remember this day for will be the sincere words spoken by Mark in the conclusion to his speech. Mark and Keely are genuinely sound and it was a pleasure to share their day with them.

Mark and Keely-1.jpg

The most memorable aspects of the day were the brilliant and stunning venues.


The service was held in the Church of All Hallows in Allerton, Liverpool. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building, and is an active Anglican parish church in the diocese of Liverpool. It sits at the head of one of Liverpool’s most celebrated parks, Calderstones, surrounded by greenery and stunning old  buildings.

From there, the reception was held in the amazing Sefton Park Palm House.

The glass structure, and the botanical gardens, create a really cool atmosphere - you can easily forget where are. The natural light, and the vibrant colours fill the venue and have a positive influence on everyone. The vast array of colourful flowers is mesmerising. As a videographer, it’s a pleasure to film there, since the depth formed by the light and colour result in a stunning frame, no matter where you point your camera or where your focus is held.

As I find with most weddings, though, especially because I spend most of the day following the couple around, watching them through the camera lens, Mark and Keely themselves were the highlight of the day. It’s clear to see they’re highly regarded and well-loved! There was a genuine sense of support on the day, and the affection shown between them and their friends and family was really powerful. 

 The venue was probably the best I’ve filmed in so far (and, although I didn’t stay there all night, I have to say that their band may also be the best I’ve heard too!).  However, the one standout moment for me personally, was the conclusion to Mark’s speech. Keely’s dad was particularly moving and Mark’s brother completed the balance of humour and sincerity. 

But Mark, having said all that was probably expected, with stories and jokes etc, was as honest as anyone I’ve ever heard in  a wedding speech. It’s clear that the reason why he asked Keely to marry him was to display the love he has for her (and they have for each other) publicly. It’s one thing to say you love someone, but it’s a different thing to bind yourself to that person in front of all those who know you most as a ‘sign’ of your love. There were no clichés or cheesy lines … it was just a really powerful statement. 

I had a boss time filming some really sound people in a couple of stunning venues. Here area few more photos …