New York Marathon

November 2015

I'd applied for the New York City Marathon every year for the previous 6 years, never actually expecting to get in.I semi thought it was a scam since it seemed impossible to enter through the ballot. I'd never met anyone who'd been successful. Then one day, I got an email from NYC Marathon with the title 'Congratulations...'

I still couldn't quite believe it until I checked my bank statement and I'd seen the entrance fee had automatically been taken from my account - something I hadn't considered since I didn't think I was going to get in (can't remember how much it was, but it was around £200+!!)

I'd already run a couple of marathons so knew I had it in me to do it. All I felt was excitement! I have a mental bucket list (it's not that incredible or anything... it's just in my head rather than written down). This had been one of things on it! 

I tried to convince Katie to join me but she wasn't having any of it. She agreed to come and support me though. It took loads of convincing her! Interestingly, my previous marathon had been in Chester where nobody came to support me. After I'd sent a message to our family whatsapp chat my mum and dad said they'd come and support me too. Funny that!

Katie and I thought that since we were going to go to NYC, we'd visit our mates who'd moved to Virginia and visit Washington DC while we were there. We were away for about 10 days. 

Just before we left I bought a Fuji X100T. I didn't fancy carrying my 5Dmkiii around with me everywhere we went and wanted something fairly compact (which wasn't my phone) so I didn't need to carry any sort of bag. It was within my budget (after the marathon cost, flights and accommodation) and it served me well. I was getting to grips with it more as the trip went on even though I only really feel I properly got a hang of it once we were home.