nunsmere hall hotel - 16th december 2017

There wasn't a point in the day when Jo wasn't smiling, laughing, crying (joy-filled tears) or dancing! In a similar vein, it felt like every other time I looked at Stu, he seemed to be glancing at Jo with a smile on his face. For me, that's the sign of a genuine wedding.

When I film, I end up chatting to guests... usually i'm being asked questions about my camera, or whether I can recommend a pro level camera for less that £100... then every so often, we talk about who they know at the wedding, how they know the newlyweds etc... - this wedding was a bit different though. Very quickly, the conversations I had eventually ended up in the guests telling me how much they loved both Stu and Jo, and how happy they were for them get married. 'They 'deserve' each other and they're so pleased they're both so happy'.

The venue was stunning - made even better by the fact it was nearly Christmas so classy decorations were everywhere, and because of the intimate setting, there was a palpable buzz and positive atmosphere from guests chatting in large groups, rather than small pockets. 

It was an amazing day, and with the guests, I felt privileged to be there to take part!