mr & Mrs Unsworth.

thornton manor - 21ST JULY 2017

A couple of weeks ago I filmed the wedding of some really good friends, Joe and Becca. 

Spending the morning with the girls getting ready was really funny! I enjoyed learning the difference between Italian pasta and a ‘church pastor’, as well as an in-depth discussion around teeth whitening methods.

Typically, the morning of the wedding can feel tense. Everyone is excited, but also nervous about the ceremony. Everyone’s edging around, getting hair/make up in order, making sure they’re ready in time to make it to the church…

This was a bit different! By the time I’d arrived, (3 hours before the ceremony) pretty much everyone’s hair and make up was already done. There were a couple of people in chairs being seen to, but there was only really Becca left to do! As a result, everyone just enjoyed chatting and had some breakfast, (setting up Instagram accounts for the day) with plenty of time to get ready!

It was the most efficient bridal prep I've witnessed. So much so that Becca arrived at the church 10 minutes early so chilled out with the bridesmaids!

There was a depth to everything that took place. The service was full of singing, (although Joe’s niece was clearly distraught by being asked to walk down the aisle), and the speeches were probably the most personal and heartfelt I've heard since I've been filming weddings. 

I always make a point of trying to stay as ‘out the way’ as possible and to never direct anything on the day for the sake of the video. I think wedding videos which are directed can look absolutely amazing! (There are hundreds of examples). But personally, I feel you lose something when you ask the couple to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do. The idea behind filming weddings this way is so that when you look back on it in time, you’re watching all that took place rather than what you were told to do!…. that being said, two of my favourite pieces of footage are from when I ask Joe to give Becca a kiss and he can’t do it for embarrassed laughing!

It was a really boss wedding! Full of laughs with genuine friends and loving family, and a real, palpable focus on the importance of the marriage. 

I’m really made up for you both and excited to spend time with you both together as the Unsworths! 

Here are the highlights…

Hope you enjoy!