Will and Bex appear to have enjoyed their day, and each other, as much as any couple I’ve ever filmed. I can’t remember many points in the day, from the ceremony onwards, where they weren’t together, and pretty much every time I pointed the camera at them they were holding hands and kissing.

Every little detail was thought through, from the smallest (that you might miss if weren’t looking), to the bespoke 8ft high carved Crossroads Sign which greeted you at the reception venue, containing all of the significant places that have featured in their relationship together. 
If those involved weren’t beaming, they were moved to tears, but everyone was fully involved in every aspect of the day.

It was a pleasure to be there from beginning to end.

I spent the majority of the morning with the bridesmaids, before moving on to the groom and ushers. It’s always great to see the contrast between the bridesmaids and ushers on the morning of the wedding. Usually, the girls have the music blasting, they’re taking selfies as they go from hair to make-up etc, and they can’t sit still. 

When I got to the lads’ house, they were just starting the final round of Bucks-Fizz Pong. It was chilled, as everyone then started getting ready but, as with every wedding I've filmed, there comes a point (usually about half an hour before it’s time to leave) when the nerves begin to creep in, in a big way! This happened too. Things start to go a bit quiet and everything seems that bit more urgent. 

From the lads’ house, I went back to catch Bex in her dress. As you come up the stairs, Bex’s room is facing you as you turn a sharp bend. Coming up to the room, she was standing there while her mum and maid of honour applied the finishing touches, and it genuinely stopped me in my tracks. She looked amazing. I had to take a photo of that moment. 

After the service in the church where they’ve grown up together and where they met each other, the reception took place in the stunning Allerton Manor Golf Club. The equally stunning greenery provided amazing photos/footage, and the newly-renovated stables were the perfect venue for an intimate reception.